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Invisalign Authorized Provider - Gurgaon

Dr Ankita- MDS (Ortho) (Invisalign Certified) has more than 12 years experience in traditional wired orthdodontics and understands teeth & jaw movement and alignment in depth. Her love for technology helps her plan the invisalign cases better than anyone else.

Team Approach

Aligning misaligned teeth is an intra-disciplinary procedure, which includes esthetics and/or surgery often. With access to a varied team of specialists armed with Masters Qualification and years of experience in their respective fields, we do wonders when it comes to Invisalign.

Quality Focus

We assure our patients of the highest possible sterilization and cleanliness standards in our clinics. We have only covered operating areas and no open operatories. We are a tech centered paper less operation. All the dental material used is of highest quality.

Invisalign Aligners are a technological marvel that help you get beautiful smiles

Invisalign can help

invisalign gurgaonIf you want to fill minor gaps or grossly over-crowded and crooked teeth


invisalign gurgaonin bite correction, if you have under-bite, over-bite, cross-bite or open-bite


invisalign gurgaonif you are looking for a treatment that’s not cumbersome and puts no restrictions on food


invisalign gurgaon

if you want well aligned teeth with no wires, no brackets, no constant visits to the doctor


invisalign gurgaonif you want to keep your treatment discreet from everyone


invisalign gurgaonif you are looking for a beautiful smile with perfectly aligned teeth


Whether you are in your teens or an adult or even well past your peak.

Invisalign can do wonders!

They Work To Bring The Smile You Will Cherish
Invisalign Dentist in Gurgaon

Dr Ankita Sawant Sheoran (MDS - Ortho)

Chief Orthodontist - Invisalign Certified

Having mastered and practiced wired braces based orthodontics for 14 Years, she moved to wire-less aligners 6 years back. She served at Invisalign US, design aligners on the platform. She is an MDS (Ortho) and Invisalign Certified Orthodontist.

Cosmetic Dentist

Dr Jyoti Singh (MDS - Prostho)

Chief Esthetics Dentist

She is the master esthetician when it comes to teeth. From Implants, Dentures, Crowns and Veneers, she has aced them all in 16 years of her career. She has an MDS (Prostho) and Fellowship from WCOI (Japan)

Dr Kavita - Pedodontist

Dr Kavita Sirohi (MDS- Pedo)

Principal Consultant Pedodontist

Kids love her company and smile is just the byproduct. 8+ Years of experience under her belt she manages toughest of the young patients. Armed with an MDS (Pedo), she remains available as a team member when young guns get orthodontic treatment

Dr Varun Kocher (MDS)

Principal Consultant Oral Surgeon

Most jovial member of our team, who handles a lot of gore, all the extractions and surgeries are done by him. He wears multiple hats as Professor trains budding dentists also as a practicing oral surgeon he manages some of the tough-most jaw surgeries required to align teeth.

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What Our Patients Say

When they come with HOPE, we do everything possible to fullfill that

Prashant Singh

Vice President (French MNC)- Noida

Dr Ankita is perhaps the best Invisalign Certified Orthodontist at Center for Dental Implants & Esthetics. As a 37 years old working with a multinational in a client facing role, getting teeth straightened was a challenge. I just didn't want any embarrassment of wearing the braces. Invisalign is the perfect solution, without anyone really knowing, I got my new smile in 12 months. I could not be happier. I am able to chew properly and have more confidence while laughing. Thank you Invisalign and Dr. Ankita.

Preeti Kapoor

PR Executive - DLF Phase 1

I am happy to recommend Invisalign Treatment for anyone who even has tried braces and failed. I was apprehensive after having a relapse, post braces years back but Invisalign proved me wrong. Dr Ankita, is marvelous, she understands fears and motivated me wear my aligners for 20 hours each day. I am extremely happy with the results. Aligners do work!

Anvesha Guha

Student - DLF 5

Invisalign gave me freedom. Even when others in my class wore braces, but the horror stories they told were enough to put me off. So much pain and so many restrictions on eating. Braces were simply not for me. I was able to eat anything what I liked, I was never conscious that I was wearing something to straighten my teeth. Aligners are so discreet that, some of the classmates did not notice for a few months. Great results, great doctors at Center for Dental Implants & Esthetics.

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