Comparison : Invisalign vs Clear Aligners

Invisalign vs clear aligners

Invisalign vs Clear Aligners

Comparison : Invisalign vs Clear Aligners : Lets get our understanding right any aligner which is transparent is a clear aligner, so even invisalign is clear aligner and the similarity ends at the name. Besides there are dime a dozen clear aligners, which under fancy names, today we will analyse if all of them are capable of doing what Invisalign does, which is by far the most popular clear aligner in the world.

Analogy: There is a difference between an Italian/German luxury car and a regular everyday sedan, both cars can be used for, traveling from point A to point B, but difference may be in ride quality, time taken, and the difference is felt more if the road between A & B is bumpy or has uphills and not a regular one. We have yet not declared which of the clear aligner is akin to the luxury car.


Let’s check out : Invisalign vs Clear Aligners

Invisalign Clear Aligners

  • Invisalign clear aligners are used by orthodontists, who already have considerable experience, traditional wired orthodontics. Which is why they are able to design a custom treatment for your smile. A 3D image of your teeth will be captured by the iTero Element® scanner. Using special software, your doctor can map out each projected shift in your teeth, and even show you a projection of your finished smile!
  • Your oral scan data is compared against 6 millions human jaw data to design a treatment plan which is most apt for your current condition
  • Manufactured at a fully automated facility in North America
  • BPA free material is used which is flexible yet strong
  • Aligners have facility of attachment/pressure points to plan movement of individual tooth
  • Invisalign aligners are tailored to fit your teeth precisely using the 3D scan and 3D printing. They are made from SmartTrack® material, a product specifically engineered for a perfect, comfortable fit. Invisalign aligners are even trimmed to fit your individual gumline to prevent irritation.
  • When your first sets of Invisalign aligners arrive at your nearest Center for Dental Implants & Esthetics, Our invisalign expert will check for fit, answer any questions you might have about use and care, and let you know what to look for and what to expect. Your progress will be monitored with visits every six to eight weeks. (And for parents of teens, Invisalign aligners can offer blue “compliance indicators” to let you know they are being worn the 20-22 hours a day necessary for the best and fastest results.)
  • Invisalign is pioneer in clear aligner technology has year of experience in developing clear aligner treatment. In typical cases the expertise they have gathered over years can be relied upon.
  • Invisalign treatment may need more investment than other but usually with assurance of better results your investment is safe. Cost of Invisalign treatment

Other Clear Aligners

  • Now nearly all clear aligners use, oral scan but some still use basic putty to first take a dental impression, there may be margins for error if a digital oral scan is not done.
  • A lot of clear aligners in India authorize general dentist and not a qualified Orthodontist to treat patients. An Orthodontist is the right dentist when it comes to bringing teeth alignment. Some of the well know clear aligners like Invisalign, Clear Correct and Flash Orthodontics only authorize Orthodontist after required certification to offer their aligners
  • Many clear aligners are made without pressure points, which help in teeth rotation and provide better control during the treatment. Individual tooth can be planned to move as per the plan. Aligners which are without attachment/pressure points do not offer a lot of flexibility.
  • Clear aligners treatment is primarily planned on computer, and software functionality and flexibility plays a big role on over all treatment plan, not all clear aligners have great software
  • Most clear aligner companies are not as old as Invisalign, some of them may be very new in the market with little expertise in teeth alignment treatment field.
  • Cheapest invisalign may not be the best, if you are looking for a cheaper option consider wired options rather than a cheap clear aligner.

Generic Aligners at Home

  • You may be required to make a putty mold of your own upper and lower teeth, which is not the easiest thing to do well, and to take selfies of your teeth.
  • The aligners will be sent to you in the mail. They are generally made of hard plastic with generic gumlines. There will be no one to tell you if the aligners fit properly.
  • They are sometimes less expensive because there is no in-person medical supervision. A dental professional working for the company will look at the model created from molds you submit, and recommend a series of aligners to correct the problems he detects by looking at the model and your selfies. This supervisor will not be able to assess the overall dental health of each patient to make sure teeth and gums are healthy and ready to start treatment, and will not be able to tell if the teeth are moving properly or improperly once the aligners are in use.


  1. One should not try out at home clear aligner or at home treatment of bringing teeth in alignment
  2. Select a clear aligner which has years of experience in teeth alignment treatment
  3. Get Aligners treatment always from a qualified and certified Orthodontist.

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